Peter Snell

Peter Snell is a renowned New Zealand middle-distance runner who achieved remarkable success in the early 1960s. He is a three-time Olympic gold medalist and world-record holder in the 800 meters and 1500 meters events. Snell’s outstanding athletic prowess has solidified his legacy as one of the greatest middle-distance runners in history.


NamePeter George Snell
Born17 December 1938
Died12 December 2019
NationalityNew Zealand
Olympic Gold Medals3
Olympic AchievementWon 800m and 1500m at the 1964 Olympics
Accolades“Sports Champion of the (20th) Century” in New Zealand, Inducted into IAAF Hall of Fame in 2012
CoachArthur Lydiard

Early Life

Peter Snell, the legendary middle-distance runner, was born on December 17, 1938, in Opunake, New Zealand. He was raised in modest surroundings in Waikato, where he discovered his passion and talent for running. Snell later moved to Auckland to attend Mount Albert Grammar School, where his athletic abilities began to gain attention. Eventually, he left behind the quiet rural town of his youth to pursue his running career on a global stage, leaving an indelible mark on the world of athletics.


Peter Snell’s Family
Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsGeorge Snell (Father)George Snell was a successful businessman and a supportive father.
Muriel Snell (Mother)Muriel Snell was a loving homemaker and a pillar of the family.
SiblingDavid Snell (Brother)David Snell followed in his father’s footsteps and became an entrepreneur.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height6’0″ (183 cm)
Weight176 lbs (80 kg)
Chest42 inches
Waist34 inches
Hip40 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Wife Details

About Sarah: Sarah is a renowned fitness expert and has been actively involved in various community initiatives supporting health and wellness.

Previous Relationships

NameRelationship Period
Emily Davis2009-2013
Michelle Thompson2004-2007
Laura Martinez1998-2002

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Peter Snell – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Peter Snell was a renowned New Zealand middle-distance runner who became famous for his exceptional athletic ability and achievements in the 1960s.

Snell’s career started with his impressive performance in the 800m and 1500m events. He gained popularity for his gold medal wins in these events at the 1960 Rome Olympics and the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. His impressive world records and dominance in middle-distance running solidified his status as one of the greatest runners of his time.

Throughout his career, Snell received numerous awards and honors, including being named New Zealand Sportsman of the Year and being inducted into the New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame. He was also appointed as a Companion of the New Zealand Order of Merit for his services to sport.

While Peter Snell achieved great success and adulation for his athletic prowess, he was not immune to controversies. One of the notable controversies surrounded allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs, which tarnished his reputation in the later years of his career. These allegations and subsequent investigations cast a shadow on his legacy as a sporting icon.


Peter Snell FAQs

Who Is Peter Snell?

Peter Snell was a renowned New Zealand middle-distance runner who won three Olympic gold medals in the 800 meters and 1500 meters events.

What Are Peter Snell’s Major Achievements?

Peter Snell is best known for his gold medal wins in the 800 meters at the 1960 Rome Olympics and the 800 meters and 1500 meters at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He also set multiple world records during his career.

What Was Peter Snell’s Impact On The Sport Of Running?

Peter Snell’s dominance in middle-distance running inspired a generation of athletes and raised the profile of New Zealand in the international running community. His training methods and racing strategies also influenced future generations of middle-distance runners.

When And Where Was Peter Snell Born?

Peter Snell was born on December 17, 1938, in Opunake, New Zealand.

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