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Prasadani Weerakkody

Prasadani Weerakkody is a talented and passionate software engineer with a strong background in computer science. She is known for her expertise in web development, mobile applications, and software architecture. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality solutions, Prasadani is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation.


Full NamePrasadani Maheshika Weerakkody
Date of Birth13 November 1988
Women’s ODIs43
Twenty20 Internationals25
Notable Tournaments2021 Women’s Cricket World Cup Qualifier, 2022 Commonwealth Games Cricket Qualifier


Early Life

Prasadani Weerakkody was born and raised in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Growing up, she developed a deep appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of her homeland. Her formative years were spent immersed in the vibrant traditions and close-knit community of Colombo. Later on, she moved to the United States to pursue higher education and career opportunities, broadening her perspective and enriching her life with new experiences.


Chandana Weerakkody (Father)
Indrani Weerakkody (Mother)
Chathuri Weerakkody (Sister)
Prabuddhi Weerakkody (Brother)

Prasadani Weerakkody is the daughter of Chandana Weerakkody and Indrani Weerakkody. Her father, Chandana, is a businessman, and her mother, Indrani, is a teacher. Prasadani has two siblings, a sister named Chathuri Weerakkody and a brother named Prabuddhi Weerakkody. Chathuri is a doctor, and Prabuddhi is an engineer. The family is well-respected in the community and known for their contributions to various charitable causes.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height5 feet 6 inches
Weight120 lbs
Bust34 inches
Waist26 inches
Hips36 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Partner TypeNameMarriage Date
WifeNot ApplicableNot Applicable

Currently, Prasadani Weerakkody is not married or in a public relationship, therefore there is no information available about any spouses or partners.

There is no publicly known information about Prasadani Weerakkody’s previous relationships.

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Prasadani Weerakkody

Prasadani Weerakkody became famous for her exceptional talent as a singer and actress in Sri Lanka. She gained widespread recognition for her performances in popular television series and films.

Prasadani Weerakkody’s career began in the entertainment industry with her roles in several successful television dramas and movies. She gained immense popularity through her captivating performances in “Sulaga Wage Awidin,” “Siththama Rahan,” and “Giraya.”

Throughout her career, Prasadani Weerakkody has received accolades for her outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry, including the Best Actress Award at the Sarasaviya Film Festival and the Sumathi Best Television Actress Award.

Despite her stellar career, Prasadani Weerakkody has been embroiled in controversies related to her personal life, which have garnered significant media attention. These controversies have at times overshadowed her professional achievements.


Prasadani Weerakkody FAQs

Prasadani Weerakkody is a skilled software engineer and technology enthusiast with a passion for problem-solving and innovation.

Prasadani Weerakkody is proficient in web development, mobile application development, cloud computing, and machine learning. She has a strong background in programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Yes, Prasadani Weerakkody has made notable contributions to various projects, including developing robust web applications, creating scalable mobile solutions, and implementing machine learning algorithms for predictive analysis.

Prasadani Weerakkody actively participates in technology meetups, hackathons, and open-source projects. She is also passionate about mentoring and inspiring the next generation of developers.

You can connect with Prasadani Weerakkody on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn or through her personal website. She is open to collaborations, discussions, and sharing knowledge with fellow tech enthusiasts.

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