Shamima Sultana

Shamima Sultana is a dedicated and passionate researcher in the field of environmental science. She holds a Master’s degree in Environmental Science and has contributed to various impactful projects focusing on sustainable development and environmental conservation. Shamima is committed to making a positive impact on the world through her work and expertise.


NameShamima Sultana
Born9 March 1988
Notable AchievementsWon 2018 Women’s Asia Cup, Named as one of the five breakout stars in women’s cricket in 2018
  • 2018 Women’s Twenty20 Asia Cup
  • 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifier
  • 2018 ICC Women’s World Twenty20
  • 2019 ICC Women’s World Twenty20 Qualifier
  • 2019 South Asian Games
  • 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup
  • 2022 Commonwealth Games Cricket Qualifier
  • 2022 Women’s Cricket World Cup

Early Life

Shamima Sultana was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh and was raised in a close-knit family that emphasized the value of education and hard work. Growing up, she showed a keen interest in science and technology which led her to pursue a career in computer engineering. After completing her schooling in Dhaka, she moved to the United States to further her studies at a prestigious university, where she was able to explore her passion for technology and innovation in a diverse and dynamic environment. This early exposure to different cultures and perspectives would later shape her approach to problem-solving and creativity in her professional endeavors.


Shamima SultanaDaughter
Mohammed RahmanFather
Fatima BegumMother
Nazmul RahmanBrother

Mohammed Rahman, Shamima Sultana’s father, is a successful businessman who has been involved in various philanthropic activities in the community. Fatima Begum, her mother, is a respected teacher known for her dedication to her students. Nazmul Rahman, her brother, is a talented software engineer working for a leading tech company and has received several accolades for his contributions to the industry.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Height5′ 4″ (163 cm)
Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
Bust34 inches
Waist26 inches
Hips36 inches

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

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Career, Achievements And Controversies

Shamima Sultana – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Shamima Sultana is a renowned visual artist known for her unique blend of traditional and contemporary art forms. She gained fame for her captivating portrayals of cultural heritage and social issues through her artwork.

Shamima Sultana’s career took off when her artwork gained attention for its powerful storytelling and captivating visuals. She has held several successful solo exhibitions and her works have been featured in prestigious art galleries both nationally and internationally. Her ability to bring attention to pressing societal issues through her art has garnered critical acclaim.

  • “Heritage Revival” – An art series showcasing the rich cultural heritage of her homeland.
  • “Voices of Change” – A collection portraying the struggles and resilience of marginalized communities.
  • “Modern Traditions” – An exploration of the changing dynamic between traditional and contemporary art forms.

Shamima Sultana has been honored with several prestigious awards in recognition of her contribution to the art world, including the National Art Award for Excellence in Visual Arts and the International Art Prize for Cultural Impact.

Despite her acclaim, Shamima Sultana has been embroiled in controversies surrounding the political nature of some of her artworks. Some pieces have sparked heated debates and polarized opinions, leading to public outcry and criticism. However, her supporters argue that art should provoke discussions and challenge societal norms.


Shamima Sultana FAQs

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