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Shawn Achor: Uncover the Key to Lasting Happiness

Shawn Achor is a renowned positive psychology researcher and author. He is best known for his work on happiness and well-being, offering insights into how individuals and organizations can thrive by focusing on positivity and gratitude. Achor has also delivered popular TED talks and written bestselling books on the subjects of happiness and success.


Information about Shawn Achor
NameShawn Achor
Date of BirthMarch 9, 1978
OccupationAuthor and Speaker
Notable WorksThe Happiness Advantage
OrganizationGoodThink, Inc.

Early Life

Shawn Achor was born in Waco, Texas, where he spent his early years before moving to the town of Coppell in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Raised in the vibrant and diverse community, Achor developed a passion for understanding human potential and the science of happiness. After completing his education, Achor moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he pursued his studies at Harvard University. This pivotal relocation not only broadened his perspective but also provided him with the opportunity to delve deeper into the field of positive psychology and well-being.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsShelly Achor, Bob AchorShawn Achor’s parents, Shelly and Bob Achor, have been instrumental in shaping his positive psychology work. They have been supportive of his research and writing, and have encouraged his efforts to spread happiness and well-being. They have been a source of inspiration and encouragement throughout Shawn’s career.
SiblingAmy AchorShawn Achor’s sister, Amy Achor, has also been a strong influence in his life, providing support and encouragement. Their close bond has contributed to Shawn’s understanding of the importance of positive relationships and connections in achieving happiness and success.

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Height5 feet 10 inches
WeightAround 165 lbs

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Shawn Achor’s Relationships

No specific information is available regarding Shawn Achor’s previous relationships.

Shawn Achor is currently married to Michelle Gielan.

Michelle Gielan is a successful author and a positive psychology researcher. She has co-authored books and has delivered TED talks on the subjects of happiness and success.

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Career, Achievements And Controversies

Shawn Achor – Career, Achievements, and Controversies

Shawn Achor is a well-known author and speaker, specializing in positive psychology. He gained fame through his TED talk titled “The Happy Secret to Better Work,” which has been viewed millions of times.

Shawn Achor began his career as a researcher at Harvard University, where he studied happiness and human potential. He has authored best-selling books such as “The Happiness Advantage” and “Big Potential,” which have received widespread acclaim.

Shawn Achor has been honored with several awards for his work in positive psychology and leadership development. These include the honorary titled of CEO of Good Think Inc.

Shawn Achor has not been associated with any significant controversies. However, some critics have questioned the scientific rigor of his research and the practical applications of his ideas in corporate and educational settings.


Shawn Achor FAQs

A: Shawn Achor is a positive psychology researcher and author who is known for his work on the connection between happiness and success.

A: Shawn Achor is best known for his book “The Happiness Advantage,” in which he explores the relationship between happiness and success.

A: Shawn Achor emphasizes the importance of happiness and positive thinking in achieving success, as well as the power of small, positive changes to create lasting improvements.

A: Yes, Shawn Achor has delivered several popular TED Talks, including “The Happy Secret to Better Work” and “The Happy Secret to Better Work.”

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