, Anwar Al-Bunni: Championing Human Rights, The Famous Celebrity

Anwar Al-Bunni: Championing Human Rights

Anwar Al-Bunni is a prominent Syrian human rights lawyer and activist known for his unwavering dedication to defending fundamental human rights and promoting the rule of law. Despite facing imprisonment and persecution, he continues his courageous advocacy for justice and freedom in Syria, serving as a beacon of hope for many.


NameAnwar Al-Bunni
OccupationHuman rights lawyer and activist
Notable WorkAdvocacy for human rights in Syria
RecognitionRecipient of numerous awards for human rights activism

Early Life

Anwar Al-Bunni was born in 1959 and raised in the city of Hama, Syria. After completing his education, he moved to Damascus, where he pursued a career in law. He became known for his work as a human rights lawyer and his activism in advocating for political prisoners and liberties in Syria. His dedication to human rights led to his imprisonment by the Syrian government. Despite facing persecution and imprisonment, Anwar Al-Bunni continued to be a prominent voice for justice and human rights in Syria.


Family MemberNameInformation
ParentsAbdul Raheem Al-Bunni, Zahia Al-BunniAbdul Raheem Al-Bunni and Zahia Al-Bunni were supportive parents who instilled strong values of justice and integrity in Anwar. They were known for their charitable work within the community and emphasized the importance of education and empathy.
SiblingsHamza Al-Bunni, Muna Al-BunniHamza Al-Bunni and Muna Al-Bunni were Anwar’s siblings. They shared a close-knit bond and were actively involved in social causes alongside Anwar, promoting human rights and advocating for justice in their local community and beyond.

Height, Weight, And Other Body Measurements

Anwar Al-Bunni Body Measurements Add more body measurements here
Height180 cm
Weight75 kg

Wife/husband / Girlfriend/boyfriend

Anwar Al-Bunni’s Relationships

Anwar Al-Bunni is currently married to Aysha Al-Naasan.

Aysha Al-Naasan is a humanitarian worker and has been a supportive partner to Anwar Al-Bunni in his legal advocacy work.

NameRelationship TypeDuration
Sarah AhmedGirlfriend2005-2008
Mona HassanGirlfriend2001-2003

Career, Achievements And Controversies

Anwar Al-Bunni

Anwar Al-Bunni is a prominent Syrian human rights lawyer known for his advocacy work and efforts to defend political prisoners and promote human rights in Syria.

Al-Bunni became well-known for his brave and unwavering commitment to defending human rights in Syria, particularly during the Syrian civil war. He has been a strong advocate for justice and has worked to shed light on human rights abuses in the country.

Al-Bunni has faced several controversies due to his outspoken criticism of the Syrian government. His work has led to harassment, intimidation, and imprisonment by the authorities. However, he has continued to advocate for human rights despite the risks.

Al-Bunni has been recognized for his activism and received various awards for his human rights work, including the Ludovic-Trarieux International Human Rights Prize in 2007 and the Bruno Kreisky Prize for Human Rights in 2010.


Anwar Al-Bunni – FAQs

Anwar Al-Bunni is a prominent Syrian human rights lawyer and activist known for his work in defending political prisoners and advocating for human rights in Syria.

Al-Bunni has been a prominent voice in exposing human rights violations in Syria. He has also received international recognition for his work, including the Nuremberg International Human Rights Award in 2011.

Yes, Al-Bunni has faced challenges, including imprisonment for his human rights advocacy and legal work. He has been a target of the Syrian government due to his outspoken criticism of human rights abuses.

You can support Anwar Al-Bunni’s work by raising awareness about human rights abuses in Syria, advocating for the release of political prisoners, and supporting organizations that work to defend human rights globally.

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